Areas of Practice

Tim Gresback's Areas of Practice

The common thread in Tim’s cases is a client injured by the negligent act of others.

Injuries to Tim’s clients range in severity from neck sprain to wrongful death. He has focused on personal injury cases since 2001, especially car crashes. Tim’s clients include injured drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

Negligence that injures people is not limited to our roads.

Tim has represented citizens injured at stores, private homes, and public buildings.

Trauma affects people differently.

Often overlooked are the serious consequences of brain trauma. Also, some clients suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder that can be successfully treated by a clinical psychologist.

Often the medical bills exceed the amount of insurance available.

Tim successfully negotiates payment of his client’s medical bills in a fair manner. Over the years, he has developed several techniques to wrap up all the loose ends to help the client move on.